About Us

A Curated Watch Store for Classic Tastes and Styles.

First things first, this is not my day job. This is a passion project. I love watches. Inexpensive watches, luxury watches...I love watches! Second disclosure, I am not a watch expert...more of an enthusiast.


My mission is to provide stylish watches at an extremely affordable price point. Think of some of the new trendy brands at a much lower price. How do I do this?  I offer access to low pricing through mass buying power and a low profit mark-up. Simple as that! My goal is to sell enough watches so that I can continue to offer unique, stylish designs with most models being delivered in our exclusive travel case. Why get a cheap box that you’re just going to throw away when you can get your new watch in a beautiful travel case...at no additional charge.


To curate (cu-rate):  To select, organize and present.  We review hundreds of watch styles, designs, specifications and colors, and order samples to determine look, feel and quality. After all of this, we select a watch that we think will be enjoyed and appreciated.  We are able to buy in mass quantities in order to brand our York Watch Co. name at an extremely affordable price point. We hope you enjoy these watches as much as we enjoy selecting them for you.

                                                                                                          York Watch Co.